Eleni Chliapa

* 1997

Secondary School:    

The 1st International School of Ostrava, graduated in 2017


The University of Manchester, beginning 2017



Favourite subjects

English, Spanish and mathematics


Successfully graduate from the University in with degrees in Spanish and Chinese; my chief goal remains finding a field or vocation that I will really enjoy and where I can best use my skills.

Interests and hobbies

Sports, travel, languages, volunteering

Student resume

I come from Ostrava where I lived until recently. I studied at a sports high school for three years, playing sports such as figure skating, tennis and volleyball, and then moved to the International School where instruction is in English only. That’s when I realized that I was really into languages, so I chose to further improve in this field. The International School also gave me an opportunity to take both the Czech school leaving exam and the International Baccalaureate, which has opened a lot of new doors for me.

My journey continues to The University of Manchester now and I will pursue my language studies there, specifically Spanish and Chinese.

Eleni Chliapa

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