Daniel Andrle

* 1997


The Děčín Grammar School, Open Gate Grammar School (graduated in 2016)


The University of Edinburgh, U.K., a four-year MA course in German and English Languages (beginning 2016)



Favourite subjects

Czech, English, German, History, and Visual Art


As far as my academic ambitions go, I am not opposed to the idea of working toward a doctorate in my field in the future. Whether I apply the knowledge gained in my studies in the practical or academic arena, I want to always find time for my original literary creations.

Interests and hobbies

In my spare time I focus on languages, literature and also experimenting with my own literary pursuits, in particular poetry. I never miss an opportunity to go see a theater play. I also like spending time with my family and friends.

Student resume

I come from Děčín, a small town situated next to the northern German border of my country, which could well be the reason for my affinity for Germanic languages.

I have spent most of my life so far in Děčín. After elementary school, I spent one year at the local grammar school and then transferred to Open Gate, where I was allowed to study for the next three years thanks to the kind support from The Kellner Family Foundation. I completed my Open Gate studies by successfully passing the International Baccalaureate exams. I also took part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program. During those three truly happy years, I discovered my passion for the beauty of the languages I was learning and their respective literatures thanks to the inspiring influence of my teachers.

Some sort of passion for language and reading has been part of my life since the elementary school, but it was not until Open Gate that I decided to succumb to this compulsion when weighing the options for my future academic direction. This is also why I chose The University of Edinburgh, which has earned a reputation as a prestigious educational institution during its long history.

Daniel Andrle

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