Alžběta Janečková

* 2000

Secondary school:

OPEN GATE – grammar school and primary school, completed 2019


University College London (UCL), UK, European Social and Political Studies, since 2019

Current email:

Favourite subjects

European languages (English, German, French), history


To find fulfilment on the one hand through immersing myself in my studies and being fascinated by the truth that dedicated learning opens up to me, and on the other hand through mutually enriching dialogue with other people.

Interests and hobbies

I play the flute and the piano and I am happiest when creating with other people and playing or singing in a group. I like reading, preferably paper books in quiet libraries. I am interested in European history, especially 20th century history, and the behind-the-scenes history of international negotiations. As a proud graduate of the Prague Student Summit, I look forward to getting involved in other model simulations of international organisations in London.

Student resume

I come from Mladá Boleslav, from where I travelled to the UK with my parents for a year in the fourth year at a grammar school. The time spent in the north of England was a watershed for me, as afterwards I yearned to continue learning English and to receive an education based on my favourite approach of writing extensive essays. I therefore progressed to the sixth form at Open Gate grammar school, where the two-year preparation process for the IB enabled me to progress in particular with written and spoken argumentation skills, and with the help of The Kellner Family Foundation I completed my studies at Open Gate successfully.

During a volunteering stay in France and visits to a remote Romanian community, I released that although – and perhaps indeed because – I am the “travelling type” heading for a career as a diplomat, I like my own country and I appreciate Europe very much. In practical terms, this means that I try to visit its beautiful mountains and towns, learn its most important languages, discover historical connections, spend time in old libraries and churches, and deepen my knowledge of Europe’s ever-changing cultural and political space by continuing in the field of European Social and Political Studies.

After completing undergraduate studies at UCL, I would like to continue to a master’s degree. I want to fully develop my talents and abilities during my time at university and I look forward to being able to put them to good use in meaningful work either in an embassy or in an organisation such as Independent Diplomat.

Alžběta Janečková
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