Adam Knirsch

* 2001

Grammar and Language School in Zlín 

University of Nottingham, UK, Medicinal & Biological Chemistry


Favourite subjects

Chemistry, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, PE, Programming


My goal is to do my best during the university studies and to take part in some research there. I also intend to learn a new language and improve myself in various sports.

Interests and hobbies

Beside Chemistry I like playing piano and organ. I’ve been also a scout group leader. I like to travel (preferably by hitchhiking), jogging or playing tennis.

Student resume

I enjoyed chemistry from the very first lessons at high school. I participated in various competitions and Olympics and my interest deepened further. However, I only fully realized that the chemistry is the right subject during my internship at the university where I was able to participate in a research focusing on organic and supramolecular chemistry. I was thrilled to work in the laboratory and this gave me a huge experience from which I draw till nowadays. 

I’ve chosen the field of medicinal chemistry because I am also interested in the human body and its functioning. In addition to chemistry there are also courses of physiology or pharmacology at my university. I might have focus on drug development one day but that is still a long way off.

I always had a lot of interests besides the chemistry, I like music and foreign languages and various sport activities which help me to relax. 


Adam Knirsch
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