The Open Gate project

The Open Gate project

Join Bára, Robert and Veronika; not long ago, these three current Open Gate students could only dream of such opportunities. The Kellner Family Foundation’s Open Gate project was made exactly for them. Talented children from socially disadvantaged environments obtain money to study under the project. More than two-thirds of students who have passed through Open Gate have received a full or partial grant from the Foundation to cover their school fees. See if you, too, can attend a school that changes your future.

Open Gate educates children from children’s homes, foster families and broken homes, and complete families with low incomes, together with those whose parents cover their studies. And nobody can tell the difference. Effort and talent are the all that’s needed to be accepted – everybody takes the same admission tests.

The purpose of Open Gate is to raise versatile and balanced people, who choose to spend even their free time improving themselves and the lives of others. Every class has a maximum of 18 students, and instruction is in English at the senior high level (the fifth and subsequent years). In classrooms and labs with modern equipment, students can ask about the reasons and causes and find their own original solutions, which they will remember better than knowledge read from textbooks. Extracurricular activities are also structured to turn talents for future professions into reality. Children also learn to help in their spare time. They do community work, visit homes for the elderly and so forth.

In their last years at the school, Open Gate students can take the International Baccalaureate (IB) exam in addition to the Czech school-leaving exam, or choose to take the IB examination only. More than one hundred thousand high school students in 145 countries worldwide take the IB every year. Out of the maximum score of 45 points, the students of our school, based in Babice in Central Bohemia, regularly achieve an average of 37 points, making the school one of the best in the world.

After the school-leaving exams, our graduates head for universities at home and abroad; they usually opt for schools in London, Zürich, Barcelona and the centers of learning in the United States. The Kellner Family Foundation continues to support many Open Gate graduates under the Universities project.

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