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Grants for Open Gate students

For whom is the grant intended?
“I cannot afford Open Gate” springs to the minds of many who wish to attend this school. One has to pass the admission tests and also pay the school fees. The Kellner Family Foundation offers need-based grants to admitted students who lack the means to fund their studies. This type of grant intended for academically gifted children with complicated socio-economic backgrounds is the primary purpose of the Foundation’s Open Gate project. Students who come from children’s homes or other forms of foster care and from socially disadvantaged families can apply for grants to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The need-based grant covers a part of or full school fees at the Open Gate eight-year boarding grammar school. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees derives the amount to be granted from the income in the future student’s family on the basis of the documents attached to the application.

The Foundation provides need-based grants to students entering the ‘prima’ (the first year of the eight-year grammar school) as well as to those who transfer to Open Gate from another school in a higher year. Open Gate’s current students who cover their own costs can also apply for grants in exceptional situations such as a change in their family or social circumstances.

Students who achieve excellent results can also obtain contributions. This is the academic (merit-based) grant, which can cover a portion of the costs of studying at Open Gate. It is not possible to apply for an academic grant before joining Open Gate. Students can only apply for it during their studies, since it depends on meeting the school’s academic criteria. More information on academic grants is available on Open Gate’s website here.

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