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How to apply for a need-based grant?
All students wishing to study at Open Gate who meet the criteria required by The Kellner Family Foundation can apply for a grant. The future student’s legal guardians should submit the grant application together with the application for enrolment, but the grant is conditional on admission to Open Gate based on the admission test results. More information about the admission procedure is available on the Open Gate website or here.

The parents or legal guardians of a future Open Gate student must complete an application form and send it in a registered letter to The Kellner Family Foundation’s address by March 1 of every year. This means that they send an application for the Open Gate admission tests directly to the school’s address and an application for a grant to The Kellner Family Foundation’s address (contact information is available here). Once the child has taken the admission test, a notification of whether or not the child was admitted will arrive together with that of whether or not the Board of Trustees had allocated a grant and its amount.

The application form can be downloaded here, filled out on a computer and sent as a registered letter. Every application must be accompanied by copies of the documents that the Board of Trustees requires for review, such as a confirmation of the household’s income, tax returns, decisions on welfare benefits or pension, court decisions on the placement of the child in care, in guardianship or in institutional care, etc. Another option is contacting the Foundation’s employees via telephone or e-mail; they will answer the applicants’ questions and send them a printed form, if necessary. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees will consider only duly completed applications containing all required particulars and annexes. Applications sent by fax or e-mail are not accepted to the selection procedure.

A need-based grant fully covers all expenditures related to studies at Open Gate, which means it covers the costs of textbooks, teaching aids and school uniforms, lodging and meals, leisure activities, medical and psychological care, access to the library, the Internet, and the school’s indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and outdoor athletic fields, and also the costs of a skiing class, exchange trips and trips inside and outside the Czech Republic.

Students can also apply for academic grants directly to the school during their Open Gate enrolment. This contribution is provided on the basis of exceptional academic results. They can apply for academic grants even when they are also receiving need-based grants.

All applications include the particular person’s consent to the processing of personal data contained in the forms. Under the relevant provisions of Act No. 101/2000, on Personal Data Protection and Amending Certain Laws, as amended, The Kellner Family Foundation is registered as a personal data controller.

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