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Do you want to know how to obtain a grant and what type of support you can obtain? Are you unsure whether the school is also the right place for those with disabilities? Do you want to know the minimum age from which children can attend Open Gate and when students can live in dorms? Read the frequently asked questions and answers. If you are still unsure, ask the source. Send an e-mail with your question to

Who are the need-based grants intended for?
About third of Open Gate students can attend the school with the support from The Kellner Family Foundation. The Foundation provides grants to children from children’s homes or foster and single-parent families. Students apply for need-based grants with the Foundation’s Board of Trustees together with submitting the application for enrollment at Open Gate. The Foundation provides grants to students admitted to the first year (of eight), and also those in higher years who transfer to OPEN GATE from another grammar school.
Forms for download here (available in Czech only)

What are the criteria for obtaining a need-based grant?
We consider the family’s general standard of living and the accessibility of education for each particular applicant. We disregard the scope, amount and structure of the family’s liabilities and expenditures. The fact that the family does not have enough funds to pay Open Gate school fees is not per se a reason for a need-based grant. The Board of Trustees of the Foundation decides on need-based grants.

What social environments do most of the students supported by the Foundation come from?
Often they are children growing up in surrogate care families, children’s homes, the Klokánek child care facilities and foster families, as well as children from families stricken with serious diseases hindering the parents’ access to the labor market, children suffering from the loss of a parent, etc.

Is there a deadline for submitting the grant application?
Applications for the Foundation grant must be sent by registered letter to The Kellner Family Foundation’s address by March 1 of every year. This means that the legal guardians of the future Open Gate student send the grant application at the same time as the application for the Open Gate admission tests.

When does the future student learn whether they have obtained the need-based grant?
The applicant’s legal guardians receive the decision on the award of the grant or rejection of the application at the same time they learn whether the applicant has been admitted to Open Gate.

Are commuting students eligible for need-based grants?
The Kellner Family Foundation grants are intended for those Open Gate students who live in the dorms.

If a student wins a grant covering the full amount of the school fees, is there anything else to pay for?
The monthly school fee of CZK 47,000 covers all expenses related to studies at Open Gate, including textbooks and teaching aids, lodging, meals, school uniforms, leisure activities, medical and psychological care, laundry, access to the library and the Internet, and the school’s indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, and outdoor and indoor athletic fields and arenas, a skiing course, exchange trips and trips inside and outside the Czech Republic. Any student who obtains a need-based grant in the full amount need not pay any other costs.

What can be a reason for grants being withdrawn?
The Kellner Family Foundation always provides need-based grants for one school year only. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Open Gate management assess applications for repeated provision of need-based grants every year. If the student meets the conditions, they will receive the same support for the following school year automatically. Reasons for withdrawing financial support include serious breaches of the school rules or the conditions for the grant award.
School rules are available here.

Can a high school student join Open Gate during the school year and obtain a grant?
If a vacancy occurs in an existing class, our school also allows other grammar school students to transfer during the school year. Students have to take placement exams, and the school assesses their academic aptitude. Obtaining need-based grants is subject to the same conditions as standard admission.

Can a student apply for an academic (merit) grant?
Open Gate students can also apply for academic grants. More information on academic grants is available on the school website.

Does Open Gate organize preparatory courses for the admission procedure for applicants?
Open Gate does not organize preparatory courses for the admission procedure. 

Is the school suitable for disabled students as well?
Yes, the entire Open Gate campus is barrier-free and adapted to accommodate disabled students. In individual cases, the canteen can provide meals tailored to the requirements arising from the student’s health status. 

Do the students wear uniforms?
Students receive a school uniform and are obligated to wear it to classes and when representing the school. The grant includes the cost of the uniform.

How do the dorms work?
Dorm lodging is intended for the students of the eight-year grammar school, from the first to the last year. They live in rooms with modern furnishing, usually with one roommate. Older students may live in single bedrooms, which is helpful, like when they are finishing their preparations for their school leaving exams. The conditions are the same for students supported by the Foundation grants and for those who pay their school fees. Family members or legal guardians are allowed to visit students at the dorms subject to prior arrangements. 

Can students of the Open Gate elementary school obtain grants, too?
The Kellner Family Foundation grants are intended exclusively for the eight-year grammar school students. Therefore, it is possible to attend Open Gate with the Foundation’s support from the ‘prima’ (first year) of the eight-year grammar school upwards. Considering this school policy, we provide neither need-based nor academic grants at the elementary school.

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