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In the Helping Schools Succeed project, we welcomed three new model schools: a total of 140 teachers from three Regions of the Czech Republic

4. September 2017 At the close of August, in the municipality of Hrubá Voda not far from Olomouc, inaugural training took place for teachers at the Vítězslav Nezval elementary school in Most (the Ústí nad Labem Region), the Husova elementary school in Brno (the Southern Moravian Region) and the Slatiňany elementary school (the Pardubice Region).

Our new colleagues got to know the project heads and teachers from the project schools who have been engaged in it now for five to seven years. They discussed how they could approach their project vision in practice: “Every student is learning happily and to the fullest“.

They shared their practical experience e.g. from co-teaching and from various forms of mutual learning among teachers. They watched classroom videos showing instruction in the schools involved in the project and reflected upon them. They got to know their instructional coaches who would be helping them over the next five years, and together they considered the tasks awaiting them in the first year of the project. We are very pleased that our group of project schools has grown to include inspiring colleagues wanting to learn with us.

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