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From the students: Chess during holidays 1 – EU Championship

8. August 2012 I left for the EU Youth Chess Championships on Tuesday, the 31st of July. The event was held in Mureck, a small town in the south of Austria, in two large halls. More than 27 countries participated, and there were two representatives per country (a girl and a boy) in every category. 13 players – 6 girls and 7 boys – represented the Czech Republic.

Girls and boys played together but were evaluated separately. Every day, one game was played, each taking three to four hours. We did chess preparation in the morning, and the matches started at 3 pm. After we finished preparing, we managed to go to the local swimming pool, do some sightseeing in Mureck, play miniature golf, and visit an old mill that, unfortunately, had been partially flooded out in a recent storm.

I played my first two games with boys, from Switzerland and Luxembourg. I won my third game against a Scottish girl, and my fourth game with a Luxembourgian girl was a draw. Sadly, I lost my fifth and sixth games, both against Slovenian competitors. I was lucky again during my seventh and eight games, as I beat a Danish player, and the game with the Swiss player ended in a draw. I was in for the last, ninth, round and an Estonian girl. It was 36 degrees Celsius in the shade, and we were all very tired.

We went home right after the results had been announced. Even though I didn’t rank at the top, it was a great experience for me, and I got to meet many new friends.

Eliška Kalinová, Open Gate student, 2nd year

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