29. 11. 2012

Three winning projects

The KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION has granted Principal Investigator Awards in financial support of scientific research into the biology of neoplastic diseases for the first time.

9. 10. 2012

A total of 59 projects were evaluated by four independent reviewers

Dear participants, Thank you for submitting your research proposal to the Kellner Family Foundation Principal Investigator Award program. A total of 59 projects were evaluated by four independent reviewers and projects scoring in the top 10 were selected for the second round of the application process. Details about the second round of the application process will be provided in the emails sent to the eligible Principal Investigators.

26. 9. 2012

Announcement date of the first round results

Number of applications exceeded our expectations and in order to comply with the diligent review process we need to postpone the second round of the selection process. Every project will be reviewed by four experts in the field and we will announce the results of the first round on Friday, October 5th together with the announcement of the final date for the second round. This change in the schedule will by no means affect the beginning of the projects on January 1st, 2013.

5. 9. 2012

From the students: New York College Experience

I had an incredible opportunity to study in New York over these past holidays. Organized by Oxbridge, the program was called the New York College Experience, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my life.

30. 8. 2012

From the students: Chess during the holidays 2 – European Ch...

I got back from the EU Youth Chess Championships (“EUYCC”) on Thursday August 9, took a week off,...

More Eliška Kalinová - šachy
29. 8. 2012

Open Gate campus extended to include additional classrooms and a multiuse hall

This year’s summer holidays also saw building work on the campus of the OPEN GATE eight-year high school in Babice, Central Bohemia.

22. 8. 2012

As many as 50 students will receive scholarships under the UNIVERSITIES project.

Studying at Oxford, Yale or other prestigious universities or colleges? In the past, this was a dream that would not come true for many generations of gifted students. For the fourth year now, THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION helps many students make these dreams come true.

8. 8. 2012

From the students: Chess during holidays 1 – EU Championship

I left for the EU Youth Chess Championships on Tuesday, the 31st of July. The event was held in Mureck, a small town in the south of Austria, in two large halls. More than 27 countries participated, and there were two representatives per country (a girl and a boy) in every category. 13 players – 6 girls and 7 boys – represented the Czech Republic.

6. 8. 2012

Students’ International Baccalaureate results place OPEN GATE among the best high schools

This year’s graduates from the last year of the OPEN GATE Boarding School located in Babice in Central Bohemia know their International Baccalaureate (IB) results. They fared excellently in an international benchmarking event involving more than 119,000 students from 2,000 schools all over the world.

30. 7. 2012

From the students: Hospital internship in Jodhpur, India

I have been focusing primarily on science and medicine over the last two and half years. For some time now, I have been toying with the idea of becoming a physician, so I would like to study at a medical school at a university in the UK once I have completed my studies of the International Baccalaureate program at the Open Gate eight-year secondary school.

29. 6. 2012

Grants launched to support scientific research into the study of neoplastic diseases

With grants offered under our SCIENCE project, we offer financial support to eminent figures in the world of science who have achieved scientific success, and also to talented researchers at the beginning of their scientific carreers. We want to provide scientific teams with stable work environments for research projects. The grants are intended for research carried out in the Czech Republic and focused on the study of neoplastic diseases. Further, medical school graduates who want to continue their training in scientific work at prestigious universities outside the Czech Republic...

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