19. 10. 2010

From the students: International Space Camp 2010 as seen by Kateřina Bernatíková: A Week of a Dream...

It might have been easy to describe the importance of the decision made by the panel that elected the Czech Republic’s representatives for the International Space Camp 2010 international competition. However, it turns out not be so simple, because one of the lucky fellows elected to represent our country was yours truly.

16. 9. 2010

World Debate Championship: The Czech Republic stands on the winner’s podium!

The Karl Popper format debate championship in an exceptional event. No less than 50 teams meet in a fair Youth Forum competition, pursuing a singular goal: determine who will become the year’s champion. This year, we have almost reached the title thanks to the Educa Foundation’s generous support: the team from the Open Gate high school debaters placed third.

10. 5. 2010

From the students: Ten days in Qatar

Doha. Skyscrapers actually scraping the skies, and cranes on them, relentlessly building more and more floors; cultural monuments, which are monumental but, primarily, large; men in suits but also in traditional Arab robes, women in niqabs and burkas, but also without them – Doha, a metropolis of the Arab world, where the sun warms the streets up to over 20 °C even in February. But to explain how in fact I got to Doha in February and how the Educa Foundation helped me in this I have to take you a couple of months and several thousand kilometers back.

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