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1. 2. 2021

Applications for The Kellner Family Foundation’s grant award for Czech students at foreign universities...

The family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner has announced the next round of applications for grants awarded to students in bachelor’s programmes at foreign universities. Secondary school students who will be enrolled at a foreign university for the 2021/2022 academic year and Czech students already studying at a university can also apply for a grant.

8. 9. 2020

Open Gate Grammar School and Primary School begins its 16th academic year with scholarships for...

Open Gate starts its 16th year with 293 grammar school students and 99 pupils in the primary school’s junior years. This year, as every year, a significant number of grammar school students have scholarships from The Kellner Family Foundation set up by Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner. For the current academic year, 95 students, approximately one-third of all students at the grammar school, have been awarded scholarships.

2. 7. 2020

The family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner...

The Kellner Family Foundation has published its annual report for 2019. The family foundation of...

19. 2. 2020

An interview with Ilona Urbanová, Director of Helping Schools...

Mrs Ilona Urbanová has been the Director of Helping Schools Succeed since September 2019. She joined...

19. 2. 2020

The Helping Schools Succeed project plans expansion into one...

The family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner has been pursuing improvement...

6. 1. 2020

Meeting of the Universities project grantees

A traditional get-together of the grantees and the graduates who had received financial grants from...

3. 1. 2020

The first date for applying for an Open Gate grant is approa...

There are two dates for sending applications for need-based grants: by 15 January and by 1 March...

21. 11. 2019

Long-term evaluation of Helping Schools Succeed project in publicly funded primary schools: eight...

The Helping Schools Succeed project is now in its tenth year of publicly funded primary schools. The long-term plan for improving educational standards and teachers’ professional development was initiated by the family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner, which has contributed approximately CZK 37 million a year to the project over the last few years. According to a survey carried out in collaboration with experts from the Institute for Research and Development of Education at Charles University’s Faculty of Education, 91% of teachers from schools involved in the project...

24. 10. 2019

In this academic year, 61 university students have received financial grants

The family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner, The Kellner Family Foundation, has accepted 61 students to the Universities project in this academic year. It grants them funds to pay the costs incurred during their enrolment at primarily foreign universities.

26. 9. 2019

Open Days at Open Gate School

We look forward to seeing you on 14th November 2019 and 23th January 2020.

4. 9. 2019

The 15th school year at Open Gate: 294 grammar school students...

At Open Gate, 294 students of the eight-year grammar school and 101 primary school pupils have begun...

3. 7. 2019

The foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner distributed more than CZK 89 million...

The family foundation of Mr and Mrs Kellner, The Kellner Family Foundation, donated CZK 89.5 million in 2018, primarily for the development of education in the Czech Republic. Most of the funds were channelled into activities in the public and private educational systems, which are being sponsored on a long-term basis: they were intended for pupils, students, and teachers. Over its ten years the Foundation has distributed as much as CZK 710 million.

1. 3. 2019

The Kellner Family Foundation announces its grant-award procedure for university students

The family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner has announced its grant-award procedure under the Universities project and this year, the cut-off date will be on the 30 April, earlier than last year. In June, the Foundation will select the students who will receive the financial grants to help support them at university/college. The applicants will be notified of grant awards and the amounts at the beginning of the summer holidays for the 2019/2020 academic. Over the last nine years, the Foundation has allocated almost CZK 80 million to 164 students.

23. 1. 2019

Grant applications | Open Gate Grammar School

We will accept applications for grants for the Open Gate eight-year grammar school again until 1...

20. 12. 2018

Petra Dobešová to join the Board of Trustees of The Kellner...

Petra Dobešová will join the Board of Trustees of The Kellner Family Foundation as of 1 January...

30. 10. 2018

Open Days | Open Gate School

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 22 November 2018 and on 24 January 2019, or at any other...

7. 9. 2018

Helping Schools Succeed is improving instruction for more than 8,700 pupils of government primary...

The Helping Schools Succeed project has stepped into the tenth academic year, which is the first year under the leadership of its new director, Mrs Eva Lokšová. The 2018/19 school year will be marked by additional qualitative changes at the 22 public primary schools involved in the project. More than 800 teachers and more than 8,700 pupils will receive pedagogical and financial support this year. The project’s key issues include the development of reading and of reading and critical literacy, and formative assessment. The family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner...

4. 9. 2018

The Open Gate grammar school and primary school open their 14th...

On 3 September 2018, the gates of the Open Gate grammar school and primary school were opened to...

9. 8. 2018

The Third Summer School of Reading for teachers opens in Brno...

The third edition of the Summer School, organised by the readership promotion team of the Helping...

28. 6. 2018

THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION publishes its Annual Report for 2017: It distributed CZK 88 million...

In 2017, The Kellner Family Foundation, the family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner, distributed almost CZK 88 million. Over the nine years of its operation the Foundation has supported educational projects and individual beneficiaries by CZK 621 million. Again, in 2017, the main recipients of grants included the students of the Open Gate eight-year grammar school, the public primary schools included in the Helping Schools Succeed project, and grantees enrolled at foreign and Czech universities.

23. 4. 2018

Call on secondary school students | We accept university students’...

We are announcing the ninth grant-award procedure for Czech students who are preparing for or enrolled...

12. 11. 2017

For the third time, the Festival of Teaching Inspiration has...

The traditional Festival of Teaching Inspiration organized by Helping Schools Succeed took place...

7. 11. 2017

A special issue of the Critical Literacy journal, titled Kritická...

The printed version of a special issue of the journal has just been issued; elementary schools across...

23. 10. 2017

The Kellner Family Foundation to establish – instead of school – an open-air gallery in Prague...

The Kellner Family Foundation – the philanthropic foundation of Renáta and Petr Kellner – has outlined a new plan for the former Hotel Praha in Prague. The Kellner Family Foundation will dedicate part of the grounds to a new open-air gallery for the benefit of the public, as well as building a new public playground. As part of the plan, the nearby Hadovka mansion, the former Canadian Embassy, will be turned into a healthcare institution. The project replaces prior plans to build the Open Gate II school on the site.

11. 9. 2017

Hana Košťálová appearing on the Studio ČT24 show

On Friday, September 8, the Czech Television Studio ČT24 show discussed the topic of the International Literacy Day. It featured Project Director of Pomáháme školám k úspěchu [Helping Schools Succeed], Hana Košťálová, who spoke about illiteracy both globally and in the Czech Republic, about developing reading literacy and critical literacy, and about the experiences gained from the Helping Schools Succeed project.

8. 9. 2017

Instructional coach Leona Mechúrová appeared on the Czech Television Sama doma show

Education consultant Leona Mechúrová spoke on the Czech Television Sama doma [Home Alone] show about how to help children develop a love for reading, which, in our experience in the Helping Schools Succeed project, helps both teachers and parents when developing the child’s reading skills or in teaching them critical thinking.

7. 9. 2017

97 Open Gate grammar school students receive need-based scho...

A new counselling centre, a Prague-Babice school bus, and a new Headmistress are waiting for Open...

4. 9. 2017

In the Helping Schools Succeed project, we welcomed three new...

At the close of August, in the municipality of Hrubá Voda not far from Olomouc, inaugural training...

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31. 8. 2017

The Kellner Family Foundation’s sixty grantees are heading for...

In the 2017/2018 academic year, 60 students will enjoy support from the Universities project run...

14. 7. 2017

The Kritická gramotnost #5 [Critical Literacy #5] newsletter

The next issue of the Critical Literacy newsletter is ready for its readers.

13. 7. 2017

The Helping Schools Succeed project expands to include another three public elementary schools

The foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner, The Kellner Family Foundation, has accepted another three public elementary schools to the Helping Schools Succeed project, namely The 8th Elementary School in Most in the Ústí Region, the Slatiňany elementary school in the Pardubice Region, and the Elementary School and Kindergarten at Husova 17, Brno, the South Moravian Region. Helping Schools Succeed now includes some 760 teachers and, through them, 8,400 pupils.

22. 8. 2016

Czech students supported by the family foundation of Mrs Renáta...

In the upcoming academic year, some fifty students will enjoy support from the Universities project:...

17. 5. 2016

The Kellner Family Foundation publishes 2015 Annual Report:...

The Kellner Family Foundation, the family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner,...

28. 3. 2016

The Mendelova Elementary School in Karviná will welcome the third edition of the Festival of Teaching...

On Wednesday 30 March 2016, the Mendelova Elementary School in Karviná will host the Festival of Teaching Inspiration, this time subtitled Didactica Magna. Within a few days, some 180 teachers and experts from all over the Czech Republic signed up for the event and in Karviná they will share their experience with developing reading skills at Czech elementary schools. The enormous interest from teachers made the organisers increase the capacity from the originally planned 120 places.

18. 12. 2015

Mentoring program for students of the Universities project

Do you think that studying abroad is complicated at times? Would you like to consult someone who has hands-on experience? Or are you only seeking an independent opinion? The mentoring program could be just for you.

9. 11. 2015

Teaching Inspiration attracts 500 teachers to Prague from all...

The Kunratice Elementary School in Prague bustled with the second annual Festival of Teaching Inspiration...

18. 8. 2015

Thanks to the Universities Project, 52 Students from the Czech...

Fifty-two young students from the Czech Republic who have won grants under The Kellner Family Foundation’s...

More Studenti z projektu Univerity 2015/2016
9. 6. 2015

The Helping Schools Succeed project encourages improvements in...

The Helping Schools Succeed project is branching out into three additional Regions. Beginning in...

More Projekt Pomáháme školám k úspěchu
22. 4. 2015

Czech Students can apply for UNIVERSITIES grants before May 31,...

The Kellner Family Foundation’s UNIVERSITIES project will open the door to the world’s best universities...

More O granty z projektu Univerzity mohou čeští studenti ...
13. 2. 2015

New Students Can Apply to Enroll at Open Gate by March 15, 2015

Less than half of the students pay school fees at the Open Gate private high school in Babice near Prague. Need-based and academic grants provided by The Kellner Family Foundation open the door to quality education for children regardless of their families’ financial standing. Academically gifted and motivated children can submit applications through their parents for grants when they apply to enroll at Open Gate by March 15, 2015.

20. 8. 2014

Kellner Family Foundation Sponsors 57 Czech Students at the World’s Best Universities

The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are, among many others, universities where students receiving grants under The Kellner Family Foundation’s UNIVERSITIES project will soon be studying. In the sixth year that Foundation has been running the project, 57 students from the Czech Republic have been offered a grant from the Foundation giving them the opportunity to attend top universities, most of them in other countries, in the coming school year.

1. 8. 2014

Results of International Baccalaureate once again place Open Gate students among the best in the...

This year, more than 135,000 students in 141 countries took their International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations. While the global average score for diploma students was 29.81 points, Open Gate graduates achieved an average score of 35.7 points. The maximum possible score is 45 points.

31. 3. 2014

The Alfred and Frances Drucker Bursary at Lincoln College, Oxford

Lincoln College is delighted to announce a new Bursary for students from the Czech Republic who have been awarded a place at the University of Oxford.

17. 12. 2013

Advice for students

In the Interviews and Advice section, we have posted some new texts: an interview with Mrs. Hana Halfarová, Project Director, from which you will learn, for example, how students are picked for the Universities project or the required details of applications for the Foundation’s grant. The text How to Prepare to Study Abroad contains much practical advice offered by experienced students to freshmen who are just getting ready for their first trip to a university abroad. And thirdly, the section posts Martin Bucháček’s recommendations on how to prepare for admission tests at international...

21. 8. 2013

The Kellner Family Foundation supports university students for the fifth year; 52 students this...

The Kellner Family Foundation has been supporting Czech students at prestigious foreign and Czech universities for the fifth year now. It has accepted another 11 students on the Universities program, and a total of 52 students will therefore receive scholarships in the new school year. The Czechs who have been awarded a grant by The Kellner Family Foundation are enrolled at, for example, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Columbia University, and other universities, mainly in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Czech Republic. The foundation will provide...

7. 8. 2013

International Baccalaureate opens the way to prestigious universities for Czech students. Results...

In May 2013, more than 127,000 secondary school students in 145 countries all around the world took their International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations. These students, including the students of the Open Gate eight-year grammar school in Babice, Central Bohemia are now receiving the results for their examination scripts and other papers. In this year’s session, the global average score for diploma students in this challenging examination was 29.81 points, while the maximum possible score was 45 points. Open Gate graduates achieved an average score of 37.2 points, which placed the school...

29. 11. 2012

Three winning projects

The KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION has granted Principal Investigator Awards in financial support of scientific research into the biology of neoplastic diseases for the first time.

9. 10. 2012

A total of 59 projects were evaluated by four independent reviewers

Dear participants, Thank you for submitting your research proposal to the Kellner Family Foundation Principal Investigator Award program. A total of 59 projects were evaluated by four independent reviewers and projects scoring in the top 10 were selected for the second round of the application process. Details about the second round of the application process will be provided in the emails sent to the eligible Principal Investigators.

26. 9. 2012

Announcement date of the first round results

Number of applications exceeded our expectations and in order to comply with the diligent review process we need to postpone the second round of the selection process. Every project will be reviewed by four experts in the field and we will announce the results of the first round on Friday, October 5th together with the announcement of the final date for the second round. This change in the schedule will by no means affect the beginning of the projects on January 1st, 2013.

5. 9. 2012

From the students: New York College Experience

I had an incredible opportunity to study in New York over these past holidays. Organized by Oxbridge, the program was called the New York College Experience, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my life.

30. 8. 2012

From the students: Chess during the holidays 2 – European Ch...

I got back from the EU Youth Chess Championships (“EUYCC”) on Thursday August 9, took a week off,...

More Eliška Kalinová - šachy
29. 8. 2012

Open Gate campus extended to include additional classrooms and a multiuse hall

This year’s summer holidays also saw building work on the campus of the OPEN GATE eight-year high school in Babice, Central Bohemia.

22. 8. 2012

As many as 50 students will receive scholarships under the UNIVERSITIES project.

Studying at Oxford, Yale or other prestigious universities or colleges? In the past, this was a dream that would not come true for many generations of gifted students. For the fourth year now, THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION helps many students make these dreams come true.

8. 8. 2012

From the students: Chess during holidays 1 – EU Championship

I left for the EU Youth Chess Championships on Tuesday, the 31st of July. The event was held in Mureck, a small town in the south of Austria, in two large halls. More than 27 countries participated, and there were two representatives per country (a girl and a boy) in every category. 13 players – 6 girls and 7 boys – represented the Czech Republic.

6. 8. 2012

Students’ International Baccalaureate results place OPEN GATE among the best high schools

This year’s graduates from the last year of the OPEN GATE Boarding School located in Babice in Central Bohemia know their International Baccalaureate (IB) results. They fared excellently in an international benchmarking event involving more than 119,000 students from 2,000 schools all over the world.

30. 7. 2012

From the students: Hospital internship in Jodhpur, India

I have been focusing primarily on science and medicine over the last two and half years. For some time now, I have been toying with the idea of becoming a physician, so I would like to study at a medical school at a university in the UK once I have completed my studies of the International Baccalaureate program at the Open Gate eight-year secondary school.

29. 6. 2012

Grants launched to support scientific research into the study of neoplastic diseases

With grants offered under our SCIENCE project, we offer financial support to eminent figures in the world of science who have achieved scientific success, and also to talented researchers at the beginning of their scientific carreers. We want to provide scientific teams with stable work environments for research projects. The grants are intended for research carried out in the Czech Republic and focused on the study of neoplastic diseases. Further, medical school graduates who want to continue their training in scientific work at prestigious universities outside the Czech Republic...

26. 8. 2011

From students: Report on the Experimental Economics workshop

With support provided by The Kellner Family Foundation, between July 25 and 30 I attended, together with other students, most of whom were from the U.S., a workshop on experimental economics at Chapman University’s Anderson Center for Economic Research.

22. 8. 2011

We have selected new students for the UNIVERSITIES project

THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION has been providing scholarships under the UNIVERSITIES project to highly academically gifted students from the Czech Republic for three years running.

27. 5. 2011

Family foundations merge under the name THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION

Nadace Educa, a foundation of Mrs. Renáta Kellnerová and Mr. Petr Kellner, and THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION were two of the most prolific donors in the Czech Republic. The two family foundations’ activities overlapped and complemented one another, and the members of both Boards of Trustees therefore decided to integrate their philanthropic activities under the name THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION. The primary purpose of this move is effective control and management of shared resources.

19. 10. 2010

From the students: International Space Camp 2010 as seen by Kateřina Bernatíková: A Week of a Dream...

It might have been easy to describe the importance of the decision made by the panel that elected the Czech Republic’s representatives for the International Space Camp 2010 international competition. However, it turns out not be so simple, because one of the lucky fellows elected to represent our country was yours truly.

16. 9. 2010

World Debate Championship: The Czech Republic stands on the winner’s podium!

The Karl Popper format debate championship in an exceptional event. No less than 50 teams meet in a fair Youth Forum competition, pursuing a singular goal: determine who will become the year’s champion. This year, we have almost reached the title thanks to the Educa Foundation’s generous support: the team from the Open Gate high school debaters placed third.

10. 5. 2010

From the students: Ten days in Qatar

Doha. Skyscrapers actually scraping the skies, and cranes on them, relentlessly building more and more floors; cultural monuments, which are monumental but, primarily, large; men in suits but also in traditional Arab robes, women in niqabs and burkas, but also without them – Doha, a metropolis of the Arab world, where the sun warms the streets up to over 20 °C even in February. But to explain how in fact I got to Doha in February and how the Educa Foundation helped me in this I have to take you a couple of months and several thousand kilometers back.

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