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Reading Continuum – the student’s and teacher’s guide on the path to becoming a thoughtful reader

Which reading skills should we develop in children so that they become good readers? How can we develop reading in a class where every child is different and at a different skill level? A team of literacy experts working in the project has created a handy guide for teachers to help tackle these issues.

The Reading Continuum describes a child’s typical development trajectory from a pre-reader to an independent and thinking reader. It contains an overview of educational goals that seamlessly follow each other. In effect, the teacher can follow every child’s unique path and plan their further development accordingly.

Teachers who are training to prepare for their future role as reading specialists currently work with the Reading Continuum. In the years to come, we also want to offer such training programs to other candidates. The leaders of the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague have also expressed interest in the Reading Continuum with a view to preparing students for practical teaching.

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Reading specialist: a colleague who knows how to make any student read

Teachers who want to develop literacy in children need to know how to go about it. The opportunity to obtain expert support from an experienced colleague is key for many teachers. We work with several dozen teachers who are preparing for their role as reading specialists for colleagues at their respective schools. With reading specialists and seasoned colleagues from other schools, they consult on how to develop reading skills in children and how to efficiently share their experience in this area with their colleagues at their schools. Most of them use the Reading Continuum in their work and prepare programs like reading workshops for their students.

An e-zine on reading and critical literacy – a regular dose of inspiration for reading teachers

Through our e-zine Kritická gramotnost [Critical Literacy] we want to regularly provide teachers at all levels of education with inspiration for how to develop their students’ critical and reading literacy, and to create a platform for sharing their experience.

The e-zine combines research study insights with real-life school experience and offers tips for children’s books and tried-and-tested ideas on how to make readers even out of those children whose families do not normally read books. It features instructional lessons and professional stories of teachers who conduct reading workshops or focus on developing critical literacy in science subjects.

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