Mr. Ivo Mikulášek

“After twenty years of working in education, you just must see the changes taking place. Classrooms are increasingly filled with students with different capabilities and often with complicated backgrounds. Requirements for teachers are changing accordingly. Teachers are often dissatisfied with students’ conduct, attitude to work, commitment, and results. The usual process – explain, repeat, and then examine until you get the result – does not work, or it works just for some students. If the teacher decides to struggle for progress in all (or most) students, seeking other teaching options is the only way to go. 

The Helping Schools Succeed brand offers cooperation with a network of schools and experts who are all involved in teaching together. Unlike most other projects, this one is targeted directly at classes, offering teachers education and consulting along with direct support in teaching. The support in the planning of classes, in the actual teaching, and in evaluation and reflection, is provided within the actual environment of the particular class, taking into consideration not only the specific teacher but also the specific students. I think this is more valuable than going to see a workshop for adults or a class with other students. I also appreciate that the project offers rather than forces, and that it respects the autonomy of schools and teachers’ personalities. I personally find it important that the project builds on certain human and professional values.”

Ing. Ivo Mikulášek
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