Our vision

Imagine an elementary school where every child takes joy in putting their all into learning. A school where students and teachers see themselves succeed, and want to keep improving. A school where you like sending your children or grandchildren, and where you would like to go too. Our vision is that every elementary school in the Czech Republic can aspire to this ideal.

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Our vision for a good school comes from our belief and our experience creating learning environments that make children want to work their hardest at school. Want to learn more?

Our mission

We are developing a network of learning pilot schools that focus on the success of every child. We provide long-term support to participating schools to improve their teaching quality. We are spreading the idea that all students and teachers in our country deserve to be trusted and cared for, and that all stakeholders in the educational system (parents, teachers, the municipal governments responsible for schools, universities, and the Ministry) should work together on this matter. We believe that the return on our investment in children and teachers will multiply for us, both culturally and economically.

The project

Helping Schools Succeed is a long-term educational project for public elementary schools in the Czech RepublicWe provide educational, material and staffing support to teachers of the participating elementary schools, with a view to helping teachers better recognize each student’s individual needs, and adapt their teaching style, and so achieve the best possible educational outcomes with every child.
We are working with 860 teachers and, through them, supporting more than 8,500 students.

The project was initiated and is financed by The Kellner Family Foundation. Pomáháme školám k úspěchu o.p.s. (Helping Schools Succeed), an independent charitable organization, enacted the project under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

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