In brief

23 supported schools, and 860 teachers

  • 10 model schools
  • 10 reading schools
  • 3 cooperating schools

more than 230 teachers from 150 schools all over the Czech Republic are cooperating in the deployment of the Reading Continuum in classes

More than 9,500 children who can succeed more at school and develop a positive relationship with education, thanks to the support provided by the project and the tireless work of the teachers

More than CZK 36 million provided every year to improve teaching at Czech elementary schools

Five full-time employees and several dozen expert consultants and project collaborators

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Project milestones

2018: Since the beginning of the year, we continued the regular meetings of our project schools’ teachers. The topics of these experience-sharing meetings included, for example, the schools’ afterschool programs, the English language, and symmetrical support. We focused on formative assessment some more; a separate working group contributed to its development. The meetings with school leaders and instructional coaches relied primarily on Professor Helen Timperley’s teacher inquiry cycles of professional learning.

April saw the traditional conference organized by the Success for All Students initiative and revolving around the topic of What We (Don’t) Know about Man, and also the Didactica Magna Festival of Teaching Inspiration held in the Mendel Elementary School in Karviná.

In the reading program, we continued to meet and discuss subject-specific reading and self-selected reading, and a working group focused on writing was set up. The summer school of reading in Brno saw a get-together of 120 teachers involved in collecting evidence of learning and the effects of their teaching on every student. A special printed edition of the Kritická gramotnost (Critical Literacy) magazine appeared in November.

2017: April was time for the now-traditional conference organized by the Úspěch pro každého žáka (Success for All Students) initiative. This year’s theme was School in the Light of Society-Wide Changes, and the
200 admission tickets sold out within 48 hours.

In May, the Helping Schools Succeed project launched a new reading program with a gathering of more than 50 teachers. Eleven public elementary schools from across the Czech Republic joined this three-year program aimed at the systematic promotion of students’ reading skills.

In September, three new model schools joined the projectThe 8th Elementary School in Most (the Ústí Region), the Slatiňany Elementary School (the Pardubice Region), and the Elementary School and Kindergarten on the Husova Street in Brno (the Southern Moravia Region).

In November, the Kunratice Elementary School hosted the third annual Festival of Teaching Inspiration, which was attended by 780 teachers from 80 schools across the Czech Republic. The project’s largest educational event to date offered 130 workshops and a panel discussion on the subject of what needs to change in the educational system in order to improve the quality of teaching.

2016: The Mendel Elementary School and Kindergarten in Karviná organized the Didactica Magna Festival of Teaching Inspiration, with a focus on promoting reading literacy. The all-day festival was attended by 200 teachers from all over the Czech Republic.

Sixty teachers from forty elementary schools from the Czech Republic gathered at a summer school of reading focused on reading instruction and on reading and critical literacy.

In September we published a special edition of the Kritická gramotnost (Critical Literacy) magazine, which was sent to all public elementary schools in the Czech Republic and to more than 1,600 regular subscribers.

At the end of the year, we opened the application process for three new model schools. This time, we selected schools from the Southern Moravian, Pardubice, and Ústí Regions.

2015: The project is joined by three new model schoolsThe Tomáš Šobr Elementary School and Kindergarten in Písek, Staňkov Elementary School and the Křížanská 80 Elementary School in Liberec.

In September, we launched a new website for the project at and the project’s YouTube channel, which showcases videos of best practice from Czech elementary schools. We also began informing teachers about new inspirational developments from the project schools and the world of education through our project newsletter.

Our project school in Kunratice, Prague bustled with the second annual Festival of Teaching Inspiration. It was hitherto the largest educational event in the project. The two-day parade of inspirational examples of good teaching practices based on the Teachers for Teachers concept attracted 494 delegates from more than 60 schools across the Czech Republic.  

In December, we produced the first issue of a new electronic journal, Kritická gramotnost [Critical Literacy]. Through this quarterly journal we want to inspire teachers on all levels of the school system, helping them to develop critical reading competences and enhance reading skills in their students, and also to create a platform for sharing their experiences.

2014: We introduce the Reading Continuum to experts. We are launching literacy specialist training in both model and cooperating schools.

The model school in Kunratice hosts the first open Festival of Teaching Inspiration attended by 250 teachers from 20 schools.

The organizing of the annual SKAV conference, which has become a tradition, gives rise to the Success for Every Student initiative. The result is an informal network of organizations learning together to develop a culture of education focused on the success of every student at every school in the Czech Republic.

We provide expert input to the summer literacy school for 100 teachers organized as part of the Spirála project by KVIC Nový Jičín, a regional facility for continuing education of teachers. We share the Reading Continuum with all of the participating teachers and also encourage year-long training of the summer school participants.

In the autumn, we announce a selection procedure for three more model schools, this time in the Plzeň, Liberec and South Bohemian Regions.

2013: The literacy team has completed the first version of the Reading Continuum. We are testing it in classes in cooperation with teachers.

The Ministry of Education provides its imprimatur to Helping Schools Succeed.

In the middle of the year, we are launching a three-year pilot project with the Network of Cooperating Schools. The schools participating in this group include the Propojení Sedlčany Second Elementary School in the Central Bohemian Region, the Dobronín Kindergarten and Elementary School in the Vysočina Region, and the Šromotovo Elementary School and Kindergarten in Hranice in the Olomouc Region.

2012: We start to work with Professor Milan Hejný and his team. The plan is to promote the training of math teachers at model schools and develop a useful methodology for teachers for diagnosing students’ math skills.

Two more model schools – the Horka nad Moravou Elementary School and Kindergarten in the Olomouc Region and the Zdice Elementary School in the Central Bohemian Region – are taken on by the project in September 2012.

We are shooting the first episodes of the Educational Inspirations video textbook – a set of videos capturing inspiring examples of teaching at Czech elementary schools.

2011: A literacy team headed by Mrs. Hana Košťálová starts working in January to develop a methodological tool for teachers to help them measure the level of reading skills in children and plan new educational goals for them: the Reading Continuum.

The Helping Schools Succeed project partnered with SKAV [Stálá konference asociací ve vzdělávání -- The Standing Conference of Education Associations] for the first time. This marks the beginning of a long-term cooperation with this independent group of educational associations promoting innovative changes in education.

The Ministry of Education accredits the Pomáháme školám k úspěchu charitable organization and its educational programs in the country’s system for teacher continuing education.

As the year ends, the project opens a selection procedure for two more model schools in the Olomouc and Central Bohemian Regions.

2010: Mr. Vladimír Srb becomes the Director of the Pomáháme školám k úspěchu charitable organization.

Come the beginning of the new school year, the first two model schools, the Kunratice Elementary School in Prague and the Mendel Elementary School in Karviná, join the project and launch its five-year pilot phase.

December 16, 2009: The Kellner Family Foundation forms a charitable organization, Pomáháme školám k úspěchu o.p.s., whose mission is to run the educational project for elementary school teachers under the same name (‘Helping Schools Succeed’).

2009: The Kellner Family Foundation’s Board of Trustees initiates the formation of an expert team led by Dr. Hana Košťálová, tasked with preparing the policy goals for the project and identifying the steps required to launch it.

2008: The Kellner Family Foundation, owned by Mrs. Renáta Kellnerová and Mr. Petr Kellner, spawns the idea of a project that would focus on improving the quality of teaching at Czech public elementary schools.

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