Cooperating schools

Mutual learning of schools in practice

We seek ways to efficiently share, together with other Czech schools, our experience with improving the quality of teaching. Therefore, we have been cooperating with the teaching teams of three more schools since 2013. Their teachers and model school teachers conduct real-life testing of what best helps the children and teachers to learn, and further develop project expertise.

Teachers prefer to obtain inspiration for teaching directly from their colleagues. Teachers in all project schools therefore participate in various forms of mutual learning: they give each other peer support in the preparation and evaluation of teaching, co-teach, participate in regular experience sharing events across schools, and work with school mentors.

The “teachers for teachers” notion is also the foundation of the Festival of Teaching Inspiration. The principal idea behind the festival, during which teachers prepare dozens of workshops on various themes for their colleagues, is to offer teachers practical teaching tips and pinpoint examples of good teaching practice at Czech schools.

Tip: See a short video from the first edition of the Festival of Teaching Inspiration.

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