The partnership approach is the foundation on which we build in pursuing cooperation with project schools and also with other organizations that strive for high-quality education at Czech schools.


Standing Conference of Education Associations (SKAV) has been a long-term leader of the independent public debate on the principal issues of the educational policy in the Czech Republic. We are honored to have had the opportunity to co-organize a specialist conference on current issues in education with SKAV every year since 2011. Since 2013, we have been organizing the conference with additional key partners, namely:

Read the program and conclusions of the joint conferences:


Success for Every Student

In 2014, we launched a long-term initiative, Success for Every Student, together with four other organizations with which we hold specialist conferences every year. Its purpose is to develop in the Czech Republic a culture of education focused on success for every student in every school, i.e., not only in selected schools that have the good fortune to have an excellent principal, enlightened responsible authority, or extraordinary parental support.

Critical thinking

Helping Schools Succeed is closely tied to the experience of the teachers, instructors and principals of the schools that have been involved in the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) educational program since 1997. The program has fundamentally informed the principles and goals of our project, and we have long been cooperating with its instructors as instructional coaches, on the development of the Reading Continuum, and in teacher education.

Professor Hejný’s Math Teaching Method (H-mat, o.p.s.)

Professor Hejný’s Math Teaching Method has the same goal as our project: develop every student’s potential to the fullest. In addition, it uses a sophisticated and well-tried methodology for involving all students in tackling math problems actively while preserving their joy of discovery.

The method has conclusively been vindicated in the teaching practice of our project school teachers. Therefore, since 2012, we have been continuously working with Professor Hejný’s team both in actual instruction and on the development of a practical tool for teachers that will enable them to identify the level of math skills in each individual student.

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