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For university students

Detailed information on the Universities project can be found here, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided below.

How should a student apply for a grant under the Universities project?
The first thing to do is complete an electronic form available here. Then the applicant should submit a written application along with a certificate of current high school or university enrollment, copies of language exam certificates and documents on the family’s financial standing. The student must also have a recommendation from at least one teacher or his/her mentor. Equally importantly, the student is expected to prepare his/her own budget of costs of studies and write an essay on the topic of “My Interests and Future Plans” in both English and Czech. On the basis of this information, the Board of Trustees shortlists the applicants for the second round, which involves personal interviews.

What amount does the Foundation grant to university students?
Students use the grant to pay not just school fees but also costs of living such as apartment rent, books and other necessities, travel, etc. The amount of the grant is based on the students’ own budget, which future grantees attach to their applications. The grant can cover the full amount or just a portion of the costs of studies. Where students choose universities with higher school fees, primarily those outside Europe, it is usual for them to meet the costs from multiple sources.

How long does the Foundation support the grantees?
It is necessary to apply for grants the same way every year. Students who have not yet completed their bachelor’s degree and duly perform their obligations are usually granted funds for the full duration of their enrollment. The Board of Trustees will not grant a renewed application if the grantee’s academic results deteriorate, the student becomes disinterested in beneficial extracurricular activities or fails to communicate with the Foundation. The Foundation also supports applicants with excellent academic results in master’s courses. However, these are usually grantees who have graduated from the bachelor’s program with the Foundation’s grants, and preference is given to applicants coming from socially disadvantaged environments.

Can grants also be obtained for enrollment at Czech universities?
Yes, the Foundation provides grants for studying at Czech universities. The usual grantees are, however, applicants from children’s homes and other heavily socially disadvantaged environments. 

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