FAQ| For future Open Gate students

For future Open Gate students

Detailed information about the Open Gate project can be found here, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided below.

Who are the need-based grants intended for?
The Foundation provides need-based grants to the students of the Open Gate eight-year grammar school who come from children’s homes and foster and single-parent families, and from low-income complete families. Students apply for grants with the Foundation’s Board of Trustees together with submitting the application for enrollment at Open Gate. The Foundation provides grants to students admitted to the first year (of eight), and also those in higher years who transfer to OPEN GATE from another grammar school.

What are the criteria for obtaining a need-based grant?
In addition to social factors and the means test, need-based grants also depend on the total income that the family or people living in one household achieve together. The principal guideline is how income compares to the poverty line, and we usually provide need-based grants if the income is up to three times (exceptionally up to five times) the poverty line.
We also consider the family’s general standard of living and the accessibility of education for each particular applicant. We disregard the scope, amount and structure of the family’s liabilities and expenditures. The fact that the family does not have enough funds to pay Open Gate school fees is not per se a reason for a need-based grant. The Board of Trustees of the Foundation decides on need-based grants.

What social environments do most of the students supported by the Foundation come from?
Often they are children growing up in surrogate care families, children’s homes, the Klokánek child care facilities and foster families, and also children from families with below-average incomes, families stricken with serious diseases that prevent parents from working, children suffering from the loss of a parent, etc.

Can a high school student join Open Gate during the school year and obtain a grant?
If a vacancy occurs in an existing class, our school also allows other grammar school students to transfer during the school year. Students have to take placement exams, and the school assesses their academic aptitude. Obtaining both need-based and academic grants is subject to the same conditions as standard admission.

What are the conditions for studying at the Open Gate boarding school?
The conditions are the same for students supported by the Foundation and for those who pay their costs. Every student receives a school uniform and is obligated to wear it to classes and when representing the school. The eight-year grammar school students live in the school dorms, or can commute daily.

Is Open Gate suitable for disabled students as well?
Yes, the entire Open Gate campus is barrier-free and adapted to accommodate disabled students. In individual cases, the canteen can provide meals tailored to the requirements arising from the student’s current situation or health status. 

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