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For elementary school teachers and principals

Detailed information on the Helping Schools Succeed project can be found here, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided below.

What are the forms of support that schools participating in the project receive?
The project fosters the pedagogical development of the school; model schools’ teachers and principals benefit from a consultant who helps them create and pursue their own personal development plans. It creates opportunities for teachers meeting and sharing their practical experience. It encourages co-teaching, enabling an individualized approach to students. We offer teachers new methodological tools. We help to develop good relationships in classrooms and school/parent cooperation.

What are the new methods that the project introduces in schools?
We introduce experience-sharing methods for colleagues in the same field, including mutual visits in classes and an option for feedback. We also allow teachers to work in pairs with co-teachers, in effect focusing more on students who need more attention. We have developed a tool known as the ‘reading continuum’ that helps teachers recognize the achieved level of reading skills and plan new educational goals. Our cooperation with Professor Hejný’s team yields new tools for diagnosing mathematical skills in children and for a new approach to teaching math.

How can a school participate in the project?
Pomáháme školám k úspěchu o.p.s. (Helping Schools Succeed, an independent charitable organization) pursues the project of helping schools. It organizes selection procedures to determine which of the applying public elementary schools to support. The admission procedure requires the involvement of the teaching staff and takes several months. We support more than 390 teachers and principals from 50 elementary schools and, through them, some 6,000 students. More details are available directly on the project website here.

What is the project objective?
In addition to expanding the opportunities for the teachers and principals of the specific schools involved in the project, we also try to gain knowledge that can be spread farther afield. Additional partner schools cooperate with a model school in every region for at least three years. The purpose of the cooperation is to introduce an efficient and sustainable model of schools learning from each other, thereby improving the general quality of education at public elementary schools in the Czech Republic.

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