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Fifty Czech Students Going to Prestigious Universities around the World

27. August 2014 - The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – all of these are, among many others, universities where students receiving grants under the UNIVERSITIES project will soon be going; this is the sixth year The Kellner Family Foundation has been running the project. Thanks to the Foundation’s grants, 57 students from the Czech Republic have the opportunity to attend universities, most of them in other countries, in the new school year.

They could not afford the studies otherwise
The Foundation awards grants through the UNIVERSITIES project to students who are achieving excellent academic results but whose difficult social backgrounds complicate their access to high-quality educations. The Kellner Family Foundation will provide approximately CZK 11 million for grants under this project this year.

A hundred applicants every year
“Every year, approximately one hundred Czech students apply for grants from the Universities project. Each and every one of them achieves exceptional academic results, and each and every one of them is firmly determined to be among the very best in their chosen field of study. It was therefore not easy at all to pick the 16 new students to be accepted for the project this year,” says Mrs. Hana Halfarová, Director of the Universities and Open Gate projects at The Kellner Family Foundation.

Good education and also experience for life
“Students will not only get a good education, but also valuable experience with life outside their home country. They most frequently head to universities in the United Kingdom, the U.S., Germany, and the Netherlands, and also some other countries; some of them continue to pursue their education here in the Czech Republic,” adds Mrs. Hana Halfarová. Their chosen areas of study also vary broadly. Students opt for mathematics and physics, chemistry, economics and law, journalism, political science, and also the arts, both visual and musical.

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