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English teacher of English teaches Czech teachers of English

10. July 2013 - Právo The unique Oxford Teachers’ Academy (OTA) course has its continuation in the Helping Schools Succeed project in the Czech Republic. Under the guidance of an Oxford University Press lecturer, twenty-five teachers of English from public middle schools across the Czech Republic will learn the methods to be used in language teaching and in motivating children to be interested in learning English.

Last year, the OTA course for teachers was very successful among teachers. “The objective is to show the various possibilities – often quite non-traditional for the Czech teacher – of how to teach a foreign language and to share practical experience,” said Jan Leiner of The Kellner Family Foundation, which initiated the course and supported it through the Helping Schools Succeed project.

Organized in blocks, the topics and themes related to teaching teenagers will be delivered to the teachers during the course. All language-related skills are covered, including listening, speaking, writing and reading; these are complemented by various other themes such as the use of simplified English reading, work with dictionaries, or drama in English lessons. When the teachers meet all the conditions of the course, they receive a certificate issued by the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE).

This year, as well as last year, the course is attended by twenty-five teachers and only two of them are men. Their age ranges between 27 and 55 years. The group is very varied and its members come from all over the Czech Republic.

All participants in the course had to successfully pass two-rounds of qualifications, including an evaluation of their knowledge of English and their motivation to improve the quality of teaching.

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