Mrs. Renáta Kellnerová

Founder and Chair of the Board of Trustees

Renáta Kellnerová and her husband, Petr Kellner, help academically gifted young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. They also channel significant effort and money into raising the quality of public education in the Czech Republic.

It was on Renáta Kellnerová’s initiative that Open Gate, a private eight-year boarding grammar school in Babice, near Prague, was set up in 2005. This was the first all-Czech school to receive certification permitting its students to sit for International Baccalaureate examinations. The Foundation’s grants also give motivated children from environments none too favourable for education the chance to receive high-quality schooling.

Back in 2002, Renáta Kellnerová and her husband founded the Educa Foundation, which began providing needs-based grants to Open Gate Grammar School students and sponsored the higher education of graduates of Czech secondary schools under the Universities project. Educa also provided financial assistance to other social and educational projects.

In 2011, Educa was merged with The Kellner Family Foundation, which continues and actively builds on Educa’s projects.

Renáta Kellnerová and Petr Kellner are raising four children together. They are connoisseurs and collectors of fine art. They own, among other things, one of the largest collections of photographs by Josef Sudek. They spend their leisure time actively, mainly outdoors, and engage in various sports, including snowboarding, kiting and biking.

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